Parents and Children

Parents and Children

Transmit the benefits of dancing by sharing a special moment with your child. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent or a family member, these classes are for you. You will have fun, develop a complicity with your child and establish a healthy way of life. You want to enjoy yourself meet other parents or get out of your routine, sign up!

Dance Poupons
(6-8 weeks to 18 months)

It's never too early to dance. This course allows adults to get in shape gently while promoting a moment of proximity with your child. Carrying allows, among other things, to facilitate the attachment bond, stimulating cognitive development, motor skills and promoting sleep.

We suggest you start from 6 to 8 weeks of age so that baby has better control of the neck muscles.

Dance Toddlers
(preschool, 3-5 years)

What's better than taking time with your child. This course is an introduction to dance that will allow them to move on different rhythms and to make friends. Through playful and fun activities, your child will learn to move and become aware of his body in the surrounding environment, to develop his coordination, his memory and his social skills such as respect, mutual help and trust.

for 14 courses
of 55 min.
for 7 courses
of 55 min.


No reimbursement is possible. Although a dancer that will not be able to complete his session for medical reason can eventually benefit of a credit at equal value of the course not used, applicable on the next session. Prolonged absence for medical reason has to be given to us in writing.


Receive the equivalent of a group course free for each new couple that signs up thanks to you! For example a person that refers 2 couples of friends will receive 2 free courses!!! You will need to fill out our reference form.


In case of an emergency cancellation, there will be a message on our Facebook page. This will avoid unnecessary trips and be assured that you will receive all of your courses.

Method of Payment

Payable by interac e-transfer, cash or by check to the order of Suzanne Murray. All our prices includes GST and QST.