So... we dance? (6 to 12 years)

Initiation to Dancesport

So... we dance? A program offered for children in collaboration with This initiation program to dansesport is structured in a fun way and allows children to discover latin and ballroom dance. They will also learn staging, theatre and rhythm.

Boys and girls! Team up with a partner!

It is through dancesport, that children will develop self-esteem, mutual respect, acquire motor skills and develop an impeccable posture!

This program is available as an extracurricular activity in some elementary schools and high schools in Québec. Danse Murray is proud to support this important initiative. We proceed in a progressive and methodical way introducing children to the rudiments of dancesport.

Teen-Ager Troupe (13 to 16 years)

The taste of the show!

Dance Murray is looking for new talent, if you have the taste to live the show experience and meet other young people of your age, join us. Welcome to boys and girls, no dance experience required.

for 14 courses
of 55 min.
for 7 courses
of 55 min.
2nd Child same family - $ 55


No reimbursement is possible. Although a dancer that will not be able to complete his session for medical reason can eventually benefit of a credit at equal value of the course not used, applicable on the next session. Prolonged absence for medical reason has to be given to us in writing.


In case of an emergency cancellation, there will be a message on our Facebook page. This will avoid unnecessary trips and be assured that you will receive all of your courses.

Method of Payment

Payable by interac e-transfer, cash or by check to the order of Suzanne Murray. All our prices includes GST and QST.