Line Dance & Dance-Exercise

Adults (Men and women welcome!)


The perfect complement to your fitness program!

The LATIN B-FIT will make your muscles work and beat your heart! You will learn different choreography on Latin & Ballroom rhythms such as: cha cha cha, samba, salsa, swing, waltz and more!

As a bonus, this course will help to tone your legs, glutes, and arms, will strengthen your stabilizing and abdominal muscles, and help improve your posture. With LATIN B-FIT ,training is no longer a chore!

(Comfortable clothing and shoes)

What is included:

  • 55 minutes of fun dancing and burning calories.
  • The best of the best Latino & Ballroom music.
  • A qualified, motivating, and dynamic teacher.
  • A team of dedicated and passionate people... there to assist you
  • A huge floor to move and sway.
  • Course payable per unit... we are convinced that you will come back!


Are you looking for a quality course? From social to dace sports to line dancing... we are specialists in teaching, rhythm, and choreography!

Don't underestimate the fun and many benefits of line dancing. It's good for the brain, body and mind! Come move and socialize at the same time! Whatever your level of dance is…it is practically impossible not to find happiness!

Take the first step... don't wait after a partner to make you dance! Line Dancing program: Merengue, Bachata, Cha cha cha, Samba, Mambo, Disco, Swing and more!

(Comfortable clothing and shoes)

What is included:

  • Dynamic choreographies adapted to everyone.
  • From retro music to trendy Latino!
  • Qualified and passionate teachers
  • Assistants on the 4 walls to guide you.
  • 55 minutes of dancing, laughing and pure happiness!
  • A huge floor to move and distance yourself.
  • No long-term commitment, our courses are payable to the unit
Payable at each lesson
of 55 min.
2nd lesson in the same week


No reimbursement is possible. Although a dancer that will not be able to complete his session for medical reason can eventually benefit of a credit at equal value of the course not used, applicable on the next session. Prolonged absence for medical reason has to be given to us in writing.


Receive the equivalent of a group course free for each new couple that signs up thanks to you! For example a person that refers 2 couples of friends will receive 2 free courses!!! You will need to fill out our reference form.


In case of an emergency cancellation, there will be a message on our Facebook page. This will avoid unnecessary trips and be assured that you will receive all of your courses.

Method of Payment

Payable by interac e-transfer, cash or by check to the order of Suzanne Murray. All our prices includes GST and QST.